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1. Explain performance management by using a metaphor, comparing it to something in everyday life or an abstract concept:
A metaphor is the application of a name or descriptive term to an object to which it is not literally applicable. Applying a metaphor to ‘performance management’ will lead to vagueness and therefore increasing uncertainty in its meaning. An illustrative phrase for performance management could be ‘real time performance monitoring and analysis of deviations from predetermined milestones.
2. 2010 was the international year of biodiversity. What living organism best represents the term performance?
General descriptions of the term ‘performance’ usually include ‘accomplishment of a given task measured against preset standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed’. However, the preset standards need to be flexible to deal with the constantly changing circumstances associated with human nature. The living organism that best represents the term performance is, unfortunately, a cockroach. It has for millennia shown a unique ability to adapt to change and continue to perform, which for a cockroach is to survive and reproduce.
3. What would you recommend as best practice in performance management?
Performance management procedures are all basically the same, regardless of how they are packaged and presented. They consist of goal setting, self analysis of goal achievement, critique of superiors, and the likes. For best practice, it should be an non-interruptive process without a sheaf of forms being presented at each interview. Even then, to be effective, the quality of the senior staff overseeing the process and doing the interviews is more likely to effect the results of the process than its application.
4. What aspects of performance management should be explored more through research?
Following on from my 5 above, non-interruptive should be researched further so that, in theory, personnel are not aware of being monitored, although there could be implicit disadvantages to this.
5. Share a short story about the use of performance management concepts in practice (experienced, witnessed or read by you).
In my more than 40 years career I have never yet seen the annual review approach to performance management achieve anything other than skepticism among the personnel being appraised.


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