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1. Explain performance management by using a metaphor, comparing it to something in everyday life or an abstract concept:
Full recycle process of information gained from purposeful measurement.
2. 2010 was the international year of biodiversity. What living organism best represents the term performance?
3. What would you recommend as best practice in performance management?
To have a clear directions stipulated at the level of labor, clerks, etc. So they know what to do do and what to achieve and how they expect the reward. middle management always resist, so be prepared.
4. What aspects of performance management should be explored more through research?
How to disqualify ZERO budget methodology.
5. Share a short story about the use of performance management concepts in practice (experienced, witnessed or read by you).
A disappointment came from the manipulation of KPI design, like the use of response rate of customers to quick on-floor survey. The result was 95%. Waaaw, this means high loyalty achievements. But the fact its deceiving that they incorporated the survey in the payment process. So, Always Ask HOW DO YOU COLLECT THE DATA?


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