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1. Explain performance management by using a metaphor, comparing it to something in everyday life or an abstract concept:
Climbing a mountain, e.g. an expedition to the top of Kilimanjaro Driving a car on a long journey Building a house.
2. 2010 was the international year of biodiversity. What living organism best represents the term performance?
A group of people such as an army with one purpose and goal One human body with all its parts and functions, needing to work together.
3. What would you recommend as best practice in performance management?
Strategy is executed by means of projects/initiatives, so make project management core to your performance management. Manage both strategic objectives (what you want to achieve) and projects (what you do to achieve these objectives) - on an integrated and continual basis. There need to be clear direction. There need to be internal drive (fuel).
4. What aspects of performance management should be explored more through research?
Project Management
5. Share a short story about the use of performance management concepts in practice (experienced, witnessed or read by you).
As experienced in Namibia, keep it simple and integrate people, process and technology, starting with people, then process and only then technology.


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