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Marketing & Communications
PR Officer


pr, public relations

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Public relations officers plan, develop, put into place and evaluate information and communication strategies that present the organisation to the public, clients and other stakeholders. They also promote good information flows within the organisation.

Public relations officers may perform the following tasks:

* keep an eye on public opinion regarding an organisation or particular issues
* develop and implement communication strategies for the organisation
* advise management on communication issues and strategies
* plan public relations programs including the preparation of cost budgets
* present arguments on behalf of an organisation to government, other organisations and special interest groups
* respond to enquiries from the public, media and other organisations
* arrange interviews with journalists, prepare and distribute news releases and make statements to the media
* write, edit and arrange production of newsletters, in-house magazines, pamphlets and brochures
* assist in preparing organisational documents such as annual reports, corporate profiles and submissions
* write speeches, prepare visual aids and make public presentations
* oversee production of visual (film or video), audio and electronic material, including managing websites
* organise special events such as open days, visits, exhibitions and functions
* conduct internal communication courses, workshops and media training
* develop risk assessments and implement crisis and issues planning to ensure an organisation's reputation is maintained
* plan, develop and manage brand identity
* organise and manage events, exhibitions, conferences, including product launches
* procure sponsorship.
Personal requirements
* interested in people
* good analytical skills
* able to write concisely
* good oral and written communication skills
* good organisational skills
* enjoy current affairs
* able to work under pressure
* aptitude for working with computers.
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